Licenses and Certificates

Asia Prom Engineering LLP has State licenses for construction and installation works of level II and design and survey works.

Construction and Installation Works

Construction of roads and railways including major repairs and reconstruction, as of:

  • Bases and coatings, protective structures and arrangement of roads of technical category III, IV and V as well as roadways of settlements, non-main.
  • Bases and coatings, protective structures and arrangement of roads of technical categories I and II, as well as urban highways of high speed and regulated traffic, traffic ways of municipal roads with continuous and regulated traffic.
  • Bases and upper structure of railway.

Installation of process equipment, commissioning, relating to:

  • Hydraulic and reclamation structures.

Construction of engineering networks and systems, including major repairs and reconstruction, as of:

  • Net power supply unit and outdoor lighting, internal lighting and electric heating systems;
  • Net hot and cold water supply, heating, centralized sewage of domestic, industrial and storm drains, construction of internal plumbing, heating and sanitation;
  • Gas net of high and medium pressure, domestic and industrial gas supply of low pressure and internal gas supply systems.

Special Works in soil, as of:

  • Drilling in soils.

Assembly of bearing and (or) fencing structures of buildings (including bridges, traffic overpasses, tunnels and overpasses and other artificial structures), including major repairs and reconstruction of facilities, as of:

  • Assembly of monolithic, as well as installation of precast concrete and reinforced concrete structures, masonry of piece elements of walls and partitions and filling of openings.
  • Roofing;
  • Hydraulic engineering and anti-mud slide protection facilities, dams, dikes;
  • Installation of metal structures;
  • Installation of bearing structures of bridges and bridge crossings.

Design and Survey Works

Geological engineering and hydrogeological engineering work, as of:

  • Field studies of soil, hydro geological investigations;
  • Geophysical investigations, reconnaissance and survey;
  • Engineering-surveying services, including:
  • Surveying works for design and construction (shooting on scale of 1: 10,000 to 1: 200, and shooting of underground utilities and structures, land surveying and tracing of surface linear structures and their elements);
  • Geodesic work related to staking and fixing pegged to engineering-geological workings, geophysical and other survey points;
  • Construction and laying of geodetic points;
  • Creation of horizontal and vertical survey networks.

Asia Prom Engineering LLP has Certificate of Quality Management System ISO-9001-2009.