The main Company’s activities are:

  • Earthworks, excavation of pits for construction of buildings and structures
  • Vertical job-site layout, soil replacement, bottoming
  • Other construction earthworks
  • Excavation works for construction of golf courses
  • Delivery and transportation of concrete aggregate materials
  • Dismantling of building structures and recycling of construction wastes

Also Asia Prom Engineering LLP offers services on the interior finishing works:

  • Installation of internal partitions and walls
  • Plastering and painting
  • Application of decorative plasters and coatings
  • Flooring, cladding works
  • Electrical works
  • Installation of hot and cold water supply systems and heating system
  • Installation of ventilation and air-conditioning
  • Installation of low-current systems

Asia Prom Engineering LLP provides services on industrial landscaping and hydraulic seeding technology.

Hydraulic seeding technology is a new innovative technology which is used for landscaping of high-quality top soil on sites that require more rapid greening compared to traditional methods of top soil creation.

Principle of this technology is application of special blend which consists of artificial substrate (mulch), seeds, fertilizers, water-retaining components and water to the surface by using hydro-seeder. Pressurized special blend allows applying of prepared composition with even coat. Seeds and crops grow in this composition. Seeding can be performed in the shortest time with a minimum of labor and on a large area.

Due to the use of this technology there is a possibility of large sites gardening on difficult areas and areas with poor vegetation layer including degradation areas. Also, in the areas where seeding or laying of finished sod covering is hindered, such as slopes and hills.

Hydraulic mulch is used as the main raw material and it is a substrate for seeds growth and creation of favorable conditions for plants growth.

Mulch applied by mechanized way creates favorable conditions for rapid sprouting on surface. Mulch consisting entirely of environmentally friendly components becomes substitute for upper layers of soil in the primary stage and almost replaces its functions subsequently.

Mulch applied to the surface provides favorable environment for microorganisms producing microelements necessary for further growth and vegetation of root system of plants.